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I Stop Following News, really!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

We are humans, and all we need to do is having good time in a limited lifetime, right?

We are in a technical revolution about communication, and we just know every single thing about what's happening outside. Should we know everything? Think about it... It turns out very interesting question to me because there are lots of lots reason for us to be sorry about, and we all are pessimistic creatures.

We feel sorry about things we don't know the background story...

We feel sorry about things, we don't know exactly what's happening...

We feel sorry about things that we don't know if it's true or just a fiction...

We feel sorry about things that someone in a higher place just wants us to see by manipulating news, etc...

I am not saying we should close our eyes and don't care about what's happening at all. We may change our point of view and give more attention for non-human things like, forests we destroy, animals we killed and mother earth we destroy...

We should feel sorry about things that we are sure it's not their fault, it's us, humans...

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